ISS1001 HeroQuest – Corrections

For items marked with “FAQ”, see also the HeroQuest FAQ.

Updated: 1 February 2004
New errata marked with asterisks **

Various examples throughout the bookWe recognize that several of the examples have errors in the ability ratings or target numbers. A full listing of these corrections will be available soon.
**Page 2, Additional Author Credits“Chasing Kites” by Jeff Kyer with assistance from Bryan Thexton
**Page 2, Interior IllustrationsOur boneheaded Managing Editor somehow managed, again, to leave Boris Sirbey out of the credits. Boris did the Rampaging Dinosaur, Isfalt, and Egg of Erangalos Karastomabor illustrations. Hedkorings have been dispatched to exact retribution.
**Page 16, Personality sectionHengal’s Disciplined ability should have a rating of 3W, not 20.
**Page 18, 2nd column   FAQAdd the following sentence to the end of the 1st bullet point: “A hero who begins as a devotee knows all of the feats listed in his keywords’ affinities.”
**Page 23, FollowersUnder “Retainer: Herder” (which should also have the name Imbroya), add Healing Magic 17 as an additional ability.
**Page 25, SkillsHazeel’s Archery ability should have “+10” next to it, not “+15”.
**Page 30 and 104, new section: Natural MagicThere is some confusion in various places in the book between common magic talents and innate magical abilities, which are not always the same thing. See the article on Natural Magic for full details.
**Page 49, Sample Deities of the Storm PantheonAdd the following entry after Scholar: Sailor: Pelaskos the Fisher (Heortland only)
Pelaskos is one of the Twin Fishers.
Affinities–Boats, Fishing, Overcome Sea
**Page 50, Special Puma People Magic, 1st sentence   FAQChange the first sentence to read: “All Puma People have Shapechange to Puma as a natural magical ability.”
**Page 59, example at top of 1st columnHengal’s Foot Soldier keyword is at 20, not 17, making the example inaccurate in terms of ability ratings. Replace with the following (changes marked in red): Bill wants Galan to be better than usual at sensing when a person is an enemy or harbors ill will. Kathy agrees that it is an ability called Sense Enemy. Since this is part of a nomad warrior’s duties, she declares that Galan already has the ability equal to his occupation keyword of 17. Bill decides to add 1 hero point to it, and so writes Sense Enemy 18 under his Javelin ability.
**Page 59, 1st example under “Improving Abilities”Change “. . .his Loyalty to League from 17 to 18.” to read “. . .his Loyalty to League from 18 to 19.”
**Page 78, Iron   FAQThe section on iron is unclear, and has a couple of errors: The doubling of iron applies not just to weapons and armor, but to any tool that provides a bonus. Thus, iron lockpicks would provide a +10 bonus, not just +5. The magical bonus provided by an iron item’s ability rating (such as Galan’s Ironbone Sword 13 is not doubled simply because the item is iron. However, this magical bonus is doubled when the item is used against an elf or troll. The penalty to casting magic does not apply to magic inherent in the item itself (as indicated by the iron item having a name and rating on the hero’s character sheet). Thus, Galan’s Ironbone Sword 13 can provide an augmentation based on its rating of 13, not on a rating of 7.
**Page 100, Mr. Puma Can’t Help JaneMr. Puma of course uses his Spirit Face ability, not Second Sight.
**Page 102, Ritual Roles and Community SupportThe Ritual Role Augmentation Modifiers apply to the rating of the ability used by the participant, not to the actual bonus they bring to the ritual, as the example shows.
**Page 102, Ritual Modifiers TableChange the 1st entry of the 3rd row from “Power spot” to “Holy place”
**Page 103, The Killing Bone RitualJane has a rating of 5W in her Loathe Danbrilla ability.
Page 104The reference to a common talents list on page 18 should instead be to page 29.
**Page 104, Common Feats, Charms, and Spells   FAQAs the example on page 99 shows, a common magic ability can be used to resist magic if it is appropriate, since resisting in a contest is not an active use of an ability. Using an ability actively means taking an action in a contest with it — attacking a foe, casting a spell, or otherwise using an ability against a resistance.
**Pages 128-129, Landscape Daimones   FAQNote that even if a landscape daimon’s functions are reduced to 0, this does not affect the landscape feature itself or disempower a god who is worshipped in a divine cult separate from its role as a landscape daimon, such as Engizi, god of The River.
**Page 129, Hedkoranth’s HillThe Blessing and Defense functions are reversed: Throw Object with Wind is the Blessing function, and Protect Followers on This Hill is the Defense function.
**Pages 148-149, Landscape Spirits, Charms, and Fetishes   FAQNote that even if a landscape spirit’s functions are reduced to 0, this does not affect the landscape feature itself or disempower a spirit who is worshipped in a separatepractice, such as Mallia.
**Pages 173-175, Landscape Spirits, Charms, and Fetishes   FAQNote that even if an embodied essence’s functions are reduced to 0, this does not permanently affect the essence itself.
**Pages 208, 209, 213-214, 216, 217Chaos features; the innate magical abilities of dryads, hags, and other nymphs; and the Invisibility of sprites are all natural magic abilities, not talents. Narrators may consider similar abilities of non-human races (such as a troll’s Digest Anything or an elf’s Elfsense) to be natural magic if she wishes.
Page 218Add the ability rating Small 10 to trollkin.
**Page 220, WalktapusJust to clarify, the ability rating of 5W^2 previously given in the errata for Anaxial’s Roster was in error; the rating of 5W2 provided in HeroQuest is correct.
Page 2262nd column, 2nd full paragraph: the order and location of The Creek and The Stream are reversed. The second sentence of the paragraph should read as follows: “It combines a god, The River, which flows southward from the eternal rainstorm over SkyFall Lake; a great spirit, The Creek, which flows from the Indigo Mountains that border the troll land of Dagori Inkarth; and a mighty essence, The Stream, which flows out of the Quivin Mountains.”
**Page 227, Map of Dragon Pass   FAQWe neglected to include a map key in HeroQuest: A star represents a large or important settlement. A Magic Rune (R) in a circle represents a site of religious significance, usually a cult center. A “grave marker” represents a ruin — many of which date from the Dragonkill War or earlier.
**Page 254, Contest: Find Earth Witch’s CaveThe results of Victory and Defeat are incorrect, and should be adjusted as follows to match the Heroquest Station Results provided on page 202 of the rules (changes marked in red): Any Victory: “The heroes find the cave before the Fireberries cool all the way, providing a bonus of +1, +3, +8, or +15, depending on level of victory.” Any Defeat: “…Depending on level of defeat, they suffer a penalty of -1, -3, -8, or -15 at the next station.”
**Page 254, Contest: Please Earth WitchThe results of Victory and Defeat are incorrect, and should be adjusted as follows to match the Heroquest Station Results provided on page 202 of the rules (changes marked in red): Any Victory: “…Depending on the level of victory, this gives a bonus of +1, +5, +13, or +25 to Bush Child in the final contest.” Any Defeat: “…giving a penalty of -1, -5, -13, or -25 to Bush Child at the final station, depending on the level of defeat.
IndexThere are several referrals to an Equipment entry, e.g. from the Armor, Tools and Weapons entries. There is however no primary index entry for Equipment. This entry should read Equipment 30, 78-79.

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