ISS1502 Dragon Pass, A Gazetteer of Kerofinela (2003)

  • Dragon Pass – Land of Thunder, A Gazetteer to Kerofinela by Greg Stafford, Ian Cooper and friends
  • Product Number ISS 1502.
  • ISBN 1-929052-18-9.
  • $22.95
  • 72 pages, standard format, 11″ x 17″ full-color map.
  • maps by Phil Anderson, Tanner Critz, Mark Galeotti, Martin Hawley, Mariano Krasmanski, Walter Moore, Guillermo Ortiz, Wesley Quadros and Darran Sims
  • Winner of the 2003 Pen&Paper Fan Award for Best Cartography.

Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder illustrates the marvels and wonders of heroic and mythic Kerofinela. Journey from deadly Snake-Pipe Hollow through the Bush Range past impossibly tall Kero Fin, to occupied Boldhome (capital of the Kingdom) and then south into legendary Heortland. Witness the wonders of ancient Kerofinela, birthplace of great Orlanth.
Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder is a supplemental book for the Sartar Rising campaign. It provides maps and information on all of the important places in the land. Many features are described that in the past were only names, and many new places are detailed as well. In addition to many smaller maps, the book comes with a large, full-color map of Sartar drawn by Wesley Quadros under the direction of Greg Stafford. It also includes a complete index, making it the ideal resource for use with other Issaries, Inc. books.
Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder is a must for any narrator running a Sartar campaign, and for any serious fan of Glorantha.

Dragon Pass – Errata (2007)

Updated: 4 Apr 2007

  • Page 1 The copyright notice is not complete. The illustration on page 5, by Markku Silvenoinen, was first published by The Unspoken Word, in Tarsh in Flames. The map on page 8, by Wesley Quadros, was first published by The Unspoken Word, in The Thieves’ Arm. They are reproduced in Dragon Pass with permission. The copyright still belongs to the creators.
  • Page 19 Cut, the. This is a very steep valley, not a fjord.
  • Page 28 Geo’s Inns, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence “No one who has not been there…”
  • Page 38 Lookout Hill. Obviously, this is not a “Fertile valley” — it is a very high hill.
  • Page 52 Stagland. Disputed tribal lands around the flood plains of the Heort Creek, a tributary of The Creek (D3). The Heort Creek is known to some people as the Wandel River.
  • Page 54 The entry for Swanvale says “Valley of the Swan River (C3) See also Apple Lane, Swan.”, but the entry for Swan was cut in the editing process. This entry should read: Swan
  • Village in the Swan Vale (C3)
  • This village is the traditional stead of the Hiordings chieftain, and was the place where Hiord and Safeela raised their sons when they came to this land.
  • Page 59 Vorda Hill, 3rd sentence, replace “Korda” with “Vorda”.
  • Page 60 The entry for Whitewall incorrectly asserts that the Crimson Bat was present at the final Lunar assault on the city. Where the text reads “Ultimately, the dreaded Crimson Bat settled on the walls. Its defenders, forewarned, had fled…” replace it with the following: “At one point, even the dread Crimson Bat approached, but was driven off by valiant defenders. Ultimately, an awesome Lunar assault was begun. Its defenders, forewarned, had fled…” A corrected version of the page is now available.
  • Page 72 Add “Solthon River A2-A3”.
  • Page 72 Solthon Vale/Valley, should be “A2-A3, 6”. Color Map The scale on this map appears to be incorrect, due to inconsistencies in the source maps. Based on analysis of older maps, we believe that Dragon Pass is approximately 10% larger than this map would indicate.

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