ISS1603 Gloranthan Visions (2000)

Gloranthan Visions, Insights into Glorantha

  • Product Number ISS1603.
  • ISBN 1-929052-08-1.
  • $6.95
  • 112 pages, trade paperback size, b/w cover
  • Authors: Phyllis Ann Karr, John Boyle, Greg Stafford.
  • Cover Art by Heather Bruton.
  • Editor by Roderick Robertson.

This collection of short stories and myths about the world of Glorantha gives the beginning Players and Narrator an idea of the marvelous world of Glorantha through the eyes of several authors.


  • When the Wolf Pirates Came to the City of Wonders. Short story by Phyllis Ann Karr, about Gunda the Guilty in the great sack of the magical city.
  • The Hero Bit. A story of Griselda by Oliver T. Dickinson, about the famous adventuress of Pavis and the Big Rubble. A preview of The Complete Griselda.
  • The Road of Kings. Excerpt from the novel by John Boyle, about the childhood of a great hero to come.
  • Morden Defends the Camp. Excerpt from a novel by Greg Stafford, about the hero defending his camp of rebels against several foes.
  • Short Myths by Greg Stafford
    • Green Age:
      • How Men Got Useful
    • Golden Age:
      • The Ten Tests of Murharzarm
    • Storm Age:
      • Orlanth’s Ring
      • How Orlanth Met Ernalda
      • The Disintegration of Yelm
    • Great Darkness:
      • The Lightbringer’s Quest

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