Dragons Past (1979-1995)

Dragons Past has been used as the title in three different article series by Greg Stafford:

  • Dragons Past was Greg Stafford’s section of the APA press The Wyld Hunt. The 10 issues contained notes, comments to letters, and background and stories from his personal RuneQuest Campaign. Parts of these issues have been republished.
  • Dragons Past was a section of Wyrms Footprints, often containing parts the above Dragons Past, but also including new or supplemental material.
  • There is also an unrelated article called Dragon’s Past 1, Gloranthan Military Experience in Different Worlds #28 (1983).
Dragon’s Past #1Probably The Wyld Hunt #034
Dragon’s Past #21979RQ Campaign notes for players
Dragon’s Past #322 March 1979The Wild Hunt #038 (1979)
Dragon’s Past #41979Recent Campaign events 1613
Dragon’s Past #51979The Great Raid upon the Temple of the Wooden Sword.
The Crown-test of Leika Ballista
Tale of the Boar and the First Trip to Miskander’s Tower
The return trip to the Rainbow Mounds.
The Second Trip to Miskander’s Tower.
Storm Bull Day in Boldhome: the death of Hofstaring.
Dragon’s Past #61980
Dragon’s Past #71980The Slaying of Redeye the Boar (1614)
Redbird’s Recent Adventures
The Great Humakti Heroquest / Alebard’ s Quest – The Journey to Fronela (A Heroquest Path) from Azmadian Tales #4 by Bill Keyes and A&E.
Dragon’s Past #81980Adventures of 1615:
Convoy-guarding at Alone
Hunting down Val the Victorious
Humakti assault on the Isle of the Dead
The attack on Illyssia’s Grove
The Purchase of Anna
Daria’s Defense of Illyssia’s Grove
Urgrurl’s First Trip to Duck Tower
Dragon’s Past #91980Corrections to Past Expeditions (At Redeye’s Hunt, At The Alone Expedition, At the Sealbearer’s Run)
Lunar Landlords : Introduction
The Chaos Tunnels
Dissolution of the Wooden Sword
Fourth Duck Tower
Asborn And The Weekend Boar Hunt
Dragon’s Past #10Death of Errol Flynn 1615
Releasing The Baruest 1616
Second Eluce Run 1616
The Wight 1616
Wedding of Asborn and Valaray 1616
Betty’s Offer to Londra 1616
Black Swan Fleet Arrives at Nochet 1617
The Rescue Of Maldon 1617
Penrose Farm Assaulted 1617
A Son Born To Asborn Caravan To Balazar 1617
Children Born To Swan & Dougal 1617
Wyrm’s Footnotes 09 (1980)The Great Raid on the Temple of the
Wooden Sword.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 11 (1981)Recent History of Sartar 1470-1611, The Founding oft he Wooden Sword & Humakt’s Hall of Shame.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 12 (1981)Recent History of Sartar 1470-1613, In the Defense of Orlanth, Skirmish at the Wind Temple, An Heir?, Events in the Sartar Campaign, The Military Campaign & Declaration of War!
Wyrm’s Footnotes 13 (1981)The Travels of Redbird & Recent History of Sartar 1611-1613.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 14 (1982)The Crown-Test of Leika Ballista & Recent History of Sartar 1612-1613.
Dragons Past in Wyrm’s Footnotes
ArticleFormer titleRepublishedSource
Background HistoryWyrm’s Footnotes 12 (1981)Dragon’s Past #2
The Great Raid upon the Temple of the Wooden SwordWyrm’s Footnotes 09 (1980)Dragon’s Past #5
The Crown-test of Leika BallistaWyrm’s Footnotes 14 (1982)Dragon’s Past #5
The Travels of RedbirdRedbird’s Recent AdventuresWyrm’s Footnotes 13 (1981)Dragon’s Past #7
Events in the Sartar campaignRedbird’s Recent AdventuresWyrm’s Footnotes 12 (1981)Dragon’s Past #7
Assault on the Isle of the DeadTales of The Reaching Moon 05 (1991) page 20Dragons Past #8
Temple of the Wooden SwordAssault on the Isle of the DeadCHA4501 Wyrm’s Footprints (1995)Dragons Past #8
The Dissolution of the Temple of the Wooden SwordTales of The Reaching Moon 05 (1991) page 6Dragons Past #9
Temple of the Wooden SwordThe Dissolution of the Temple of the Wooden SwordCHA4501 Wyrm’s Footprints (1995)Dragons Past #9

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