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The Locaem (page 27)

Origins (page 27)

Yelmalio (page 28)


In 1550, the Elmal-worshiping Eyetooth Clan of the Amber Fields were in rebellion against the Locaem leaders in Famegrave.

South West Sartar Map (page 29)

In the Colymar Clans map in the GM Map Pack it seems like the Balmyr might be missing. They lost land to the Enjossi in 1476 so I thought perhaps they would appear on this map.  But perhaps now they are entirely much further to the south (of the Royal Road), per p.29 of Pegasus Plateau.

They are just not labeled on the map:

Balmyr Tribe location

Hill Pearl Inn (north of the Road) is a Balmyr inn. It appears to be misspelled as Hill Pear in the Pegasus Plateau map.

Hill Pear (village): This Balmyr village is surrounded by orchards, mainly pears and walnuts. It has white stone walls that make it look like pearl nestled in the hills. The Hill Pearl Inn is located near the village.

From the forthcoming Sartar book

Places of Interest (page 31)

Streamside (page 38)

I’m not sure if this is an error or intentional but Londros (Sartar maps recently posted by Jeff on FB) and Streamside (Pegasus Plateau) appear to be the same place

Londros (village): Also called Streamside, this village is the main settlement of the Zethnoring Clan of the Locaem Tribe.

From the forthcoming Sartar book

Index (page 156)


Auburn Fields to Amber Fields 28

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