Sorcery Spell list

Presented here for completeness. Page numbers refer to the Core Rules.

Accelerate Healing391
Animate Dead391
Attract Magic391
Attract Missiles391
Attract Spirits391
Bind Elemental391
Bind Spirit391
Boon of Kargan Tor392
Call Cold392
Call Light392
Calm Water392
Create Hallucination392
Create Image392
Create Odor393
Create Sensation393
Create Sound393
Create Taste393
Create Wall of Flames394
Dampen Damage394
Dominate (humanoid)394
Dominate (animal)394
Dominate (discorporate spirit)394
Dominate (elemental)395
Drain Soul395Part of the Torvald Fragments
Enhance INT395
Finger of Fire395
Geomancy395Part of the Torvald Fragments
Hasten Vessel396
Identify Otherworld Entity396Part of the Torvald Fragments
Identify Spell396
Logical Clarity396Part of the Torvald Fragments
Logician396Part of the Torvald Fragments
Magic Point Enchantment396
Mend Flesh396
Move Across Water397
Neutralize Armor397
Neutralize Magic397
Neutralize (Rune)397
Neutralize Spirit Magic397
Open Seas397
Pierce Veil397
Protective Circle398
Preserve Item398
Reveal Rune398Part of the Torvald Fragments
Rogue Wave398
Solace of the Logical Mind398Part of the Torvald Fragments
Speak to Mind398Part of the Torvald Fragments
Spirit Warding398
Steal Breath400
Stop Vessel400
Summon (species)400
Tap Body400
Total Recall401Part of the Torvald Fragments
Ward Against Weapons401

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