Dragon Magazine (1976-2007)

Dragon was an official D&D magazine running 1976-2007 with 359 printed issues. It had occasional RuneQuest and Gloranthan content along with reviews.

  • Dragon #14, 1978 A review of Nomad Gods by James M. Ward
  • Dragon #40, August 1980. Artifacts of Dragon Pass, Jon Mattson, page 26. RuneQuest artifacts. 
  • Dragon #51, July 1981. The  Worshippers of Ratar, Eric Robinson, pgs 28-29. A Lhankor Mhy subcult with the rune spell Magic Resistance.
  • Dragon #75. Review of the RuneQuest Companion by Ken Rolston.
  • Dragon #82, 1984. Reviews of Big Rubble and Pavis
  • Dragon #127, 1987. Reviews of Gods of Glorantha & Griffin Island by Ken Rolston.
  • Dragon #129, December 1987. A Sorceror’s Supplement, Michael DeWolfe, pgs 46-47.  Twelve new sorcery spells for RQ3.
  • Dragon #132, March 1988. Resourceful Sorcery, Michael DeWolfe. Power-gaming tips on how to use spells more effectively.
  • Dragon #144,  April 1989. When Gods Walk the Earth, Paul Jaquays, pgs 46-50, 55. A good article on the summoning of greater spirits and avatars. It is gateway in nature, although the tables for avatar powers, statistics, and weaknesses are good.
  • Dragon #172,  August 1991. Into the Spirit of Things, Michael DeWolfe, pgs 66-68. A collection of spirit spells and Divine magics.
  • Dragon #206, June 1994. The Dragon Project, Sandy Petersen, pgs 16-18, 20. The background and history on a unique NPC dragon.

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