Codex #2 Fronela Special (1994)

  • 2 Ban Stories by Martin Crim. Whose fault is it, anyway?
  • 4 Five Ancient Horrors by Mike Dawson. Some Names can never be spoken.
  • 6 A History of Fronelan Malkionism by Martin Crim. Heresies, legalities, impalings and war.
  • 11 Fronelan Timeline by Chaosium / Mark Sabulaskas. Compiled from many sources, now in one place.
  • 13 Map of the God Plane by Greg Stafford.
  • Glorantha-side view.
  • 14 Galastar, A City Reborn by Mike Dawson. Nearly destroyed by the Ban, Galastar faces a challenging future
  • 26 Tribes of Mortasor by Paul Reilley. Some wild men live in the wilds around Galastar
  • 32 Galastar’s Myths by Paul Reilley.
  • Back Cover Lunar Philosophy by Joerg Baumgartner.

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