Codex #3 Imther Special (1995)

  • 2 Imtherian Cheeses by Harald Smith. A first taste of a new land.
  • 3 The Edge of Empire by Harald Smith. An introduction to Imther.
  • 5 The Electionby Harald Smith.Will the True Moon triumph?
  • 8 Guide to Factions of Imtherby Harald Smith. Choose your side.
  • 10 Jannisor’s Faceby Harald Smith. Something the Imperium doesn ‘t want you to know
  • 11 Lunar Policy Organs by David Gadbois. More spys than the Bat could swallow.
  • 12 Moon Boats by Michael O’Brien. An excised bit from Strangers in Prax.
  • 13 Urmalofottiby Peter Michaels. Not all the city spirits are guardians.
  • 15 Dragon Magic by Sandy Petersen. How a perfectly good scout ends up being a triceratops.
  • 18 Knighthood in Glorantha by Joerg Baumgartner. Not at all something Arthur would recognize
  • 19 Lies With Truth by Martin Crim. Looking the Sun God in the eye.
  • 22 Blessed Swords of Rokar by Mike Dawson. How do the Rokari get their toys?
  • 24 GoonQuest 1 by Loren Miller. Reduce your paperwork, increase your fun.
  • 27 Three Sisters by Martin Crim. As close as most men want to get to the Amazons

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