Codex #1 Pavis Special (1994)

  • 2 The Spirit of the Stream by Martin Crim. A rare, non-chaotic adventure in Dorastor.
  • 8 Red Gaze of the Moon by Nick Brooke. Phases of the Moon are not a simple matter.
  • 9 From the Report on the Pacification of Prax by Mike Dawson. Secrets about Lunar Strategy in Pavis
  • 11 Why Pavis Works by Bryan John Maloney. Making sense out of a peculiar city.
  • 12 The Seven Masks of Pavis by Martin Crim. Dangerous symbols even scholars know little about.
  • 15 Gangs of the Rubble by Mike Dawson. They aren’t faceless thugs – they’re thugs with personality.
  • 17 Inside the Tarsh Gang by Mike Dawson. These thugs have way too much personality.
  • 19 Old Magics of Pavis by Mike Dawson. Hundreds of years of struggle have left their dangerous detritus.
  • 21 Turns of Fortune, Turns of Phrase by Mike Dawson. War and deprivation do strange things to a culture and a language.
  • 22 Praxian Culture by Sandy Petersen & Martin Crim. Finally! Details about the tribes & peoples
  • 31 Urox’s First Trick by Clay Luther. Orlanth beat him with a stick and a rope, but Storm Bull still tricked Trickster.

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