Dragon Pass Alcohol


The most common alcoholic drinks in Dragon Pass are:Beer. Made from emmer wheat,einkorn, or barley, beer (I am using the term broadly) is the most common drink. Brewing is often associated with the Ernalda cult and most brewers are women. Lots of different varieties and styles.White wine. White grapes are grown in much of Sartar. It is associated with the Ernalda cult, particularly around Clearwine, and again most wine brewing is done by women. Wine is mainly consumed in religious rituals.Corn beer. Popular in Lunar Tarsh, this drink is like chicha and made from fermented maize. Associated with the Hon-eel cult.

Kumis. Fermented mare’s milk is popular in the Grazelands. A Praxian variant is popular around Swenstown.

Troll beer. Don’t drink this. Everyone knows troll beers are lethal to humans.

Burned Water (aka Water of Life). The Free Sages of Boldhome have figured out a method of distilling beer and water. It is pricey and largely confined to the wealthy.

You get your red wine from the Holy Country.

Mead is made and consumed, but not anywhere near on the scale of beer, wine, or even kumis. It is used in many rituals and as an aid in heroquesting.

Apple wines, cherry wines, pear wines, all are found in various locals. But none are as overall important as what I listed. Just as we tend to ignore fruit wines when we talk about alcohol in continental Europe.