Holy Country Alcohol


The connoisseur knows that the best alcoholic drinks are associated with the Holy Country. The most popular are:

Beer. Made from einkorn, emmer, or barley, beer is made in vast quantities by the Earth Temples. It is also drunk in vast quantities, and celebrated as the Gift of the Goddess. Many suggest that the Jolly Fat Man is the incarnation of beer and its joys (but the cult also consumes wine in vast quantities).

Red Wine. Wine grapes are grown throughout the Holy Country. The best are thought to come from the Vinavale with its pleasant climate, hills, and volcanic soil. Red wine is a very important trade good and ships loaded with amphora sail out of the Choralinthor to distant lands, and caravans carrying wine travel the roads of Dragon Pass to the Lunar Empire. Wine is drunk in religious rituals and at social gatherings.

White Wine. White grapes are common in Heortland, although many merchants claim the best come from Dragon Pass.

Burned Water/Water of Life. The Lhankor Mhy cult has developed techniques of distilling wine and beer into strong spirits. About time the Alchemists were good for something! Lots of variations, lots of different techniques. A popular trade good but pricey.

I didn’t mention fruit wines because they are usually a purely seasonal/local thing. But of course there is apple wine, berry wine, and so on.