Lunar Alcohol


For most Pelorians, the drinks of choice are:
Corn beer. Like chicha, this is made in huge earthenware vats and because of its low alcohol content (1-3%) is consumed in vast quantities. Corn beer is often drunk in Lunar celebrations and ceremonies because of its connection with Hon-eel.
Rice wine. Many varieties of rice wine are known in the Lunar Heartlands, with an average alcohol content of 18-25%. Particularly popular in religious festivals for Lodril, the local rice goddess, and Oslira.
Barley beer and wine. In the Lunar Provinces, Sylila, Karasal, Oronin, and the West Reaches, barley is more important than rice and barley beer and wine are popular. Barleywine is a strong ale, 6-12%. It is considered semi-barbaric by many Heartlanders.
Wheat beer. In the Lunar Provinces, beer made from emmer wheat is popular. It is considered barbaric by many Heartlanders.
Kumis. Nearer to the Redlands, fermented mare’s milk is popular.
It is also drunk by many aristocratic clans.

Pelorian Food

Rice, barley, and maize are the staple grains, supplemented by millet and various root crops. Fish is the most common domestic meat, followed by pork. Cattle are used mainly to pull plows, while goats are a primary source of milk and meat. Food is flavored with a variety of strong herbs and spices.