Individual deities are usually associated with others in a methodical way. Such groupings are called pantheons. The deities listed here and in other articles are all members of such pantheons. Some cultures do not have such organization of their gods, and in these cases we have simply collected their deities into a group we call an array.

Thirteen pantheons dominate the divine organization of Glorantha. Each is briefly explained in the text. Important explanations of their lifestyle, beliefs, and membership will be given, as well as lists of members. Since the pantheons mimic the society which worships them many cultural facts can be interpolated.

Every pantheon given here has other deities and spirits in its mythos. Space limits the information which we can give. Later supplements will detail the pantheons individually.

Many less important, but locally powerful, deities exist. For instance, in Fonrit the three thousand initiates of Tondiji, god of a powerful city-state, also believe in the Grain Goddess, Ikadz, the Invisible God, Ompalom, Pamalt, Worlath, Yelm, and Zorak Zoran, all of whom have shrines in Tondiji’s great temple.

The primary pantheons in Glorantha include:

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