Mostali pantheon — the heresy of self-worth

Individualism was founded during the Second Age by a dwarf later called Chark the Liberator, in response to the lethal results of Openhandism (another dwarf heresy) which culminated in the Gbaji Wars and dwarf civil war. These wars so disturbed Chark that he sought solace in religion and embarked upon a heroquest. He returned from his heroquesting with the secret of his heresy.

Individualists believe that all dwarfs have, or can have, a soul made in the image of Mostal. The implications of this philosophy shocked dwarf society when a number of formerly tame dwarfs decided to seek their own destiny and creativity. Individualist dwarfs commonly leave their ancestral strongholds to make their way on the surface world. By the very nature of the philosophy, no important dwarf citadels are ruled by individualists, though it is quite widespread.

Chark the Liberator is never portrayed by dwarfs. Historical accounts state that he was an unusually short dwarf, beardless, and that he was so pious that his bones turned to stone.

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