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Submitted by TheHorror on Sun, 07/10/2012 – 22:19

I am a huge fan of the HQ2 system, and finally decided to give Glorantha a try. In the near future I plan to purchase the following books:

– Sartar Kingdom of Heroes

– Pavis Gateway to Adventure

I am tempted by Sartar Companion but (a) I am not interested in purchasing adventures, and (b) it seems a little light on setting content. If you feel this book is worthwhile then please do let me know why.

My questions:

  1. I noticed that a 2nd edition of Sartar Kingdom of Heroes is getting printed, and that in November Amazon will have it available for sale. I am interested in picking up this printing. I am not interested in the RQ6 rules set. Will this printing contain rules for just HQ2 or will it be dual-statted for RQ6 as well?
  2. Pavis has not been announced for reprint yet. Do I have to pay the eye-gouging prices for this book through the Moon Design website or is there soemwhere else I can pick this up from?
  3. Wikipedia lists three upcoming sourcebooks: The Big Rubble (companion to Pavis, probably a thin little book), Guide to Glorantha, and the Glorantha Bestiary. Where can I find any additional information on these books? Is there any word on a possible release date and/or page count? Will they be statted for HQ2 or RQ6?

Go for it.

Submitted by Herve on Mon, 08/10/2012 – 14:06.

If, as I sense, you are getting hooked by Glorantha, I give you my Sacred Word of Honor, as a Humakti Devotee, that you won’t regret buying the Sartar Companion. It’s definitely worth its price. Ah, the sheer pleasure of holding such heavy tomes, full to the brim with secrets and danger… But I disgress.

some answers

Submitted by Charles on Mon, 08/10/2012 – 07:05.

Answering some of your questions

  • All recent and forthcoming Moon Design Publications books are either stat free or HQ2 stats (i.e. all but stat free).
  • Sartar Companion: About 50% of the 296 pages are scenarios or scenario seeds, with HQ2 stats. All of the scenarios contribute to the setting.
  • The two Sartar books are more reprints than new editions, with new covers and corrections of typos and minor clarifications but no new content. HQ2 stats.
  • With 416 pages of high density content, Pavis works out at under $0.15 per page. Pavis is also available from DriveThruRPG in PDF format only.

A rough outline of the publishing sequence follows.

  1. Guide to Glorantha (see Text of the Guide is finished! for some idea of the content)
  2. Wyrms Footnotes 16
  3. King of Sartar, 2nd edition
  4. Bestiary
  5. Wyrms Footnotes 17
  6. Coming Storm
  7. Big Rubble
  8. Wyrms Footnotes 18
  9. Whitewall

The first 3 in the sequence are pretty much fixed, while later publications may well be re-ordered.

No Harreksaga? Dissapointed!

Submitted by Invain63 on Thu, 06/12/2012 – 20:48.

No Harreksaga? Dissapointed! Not that the announced schedule isn’t fantastic…

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10. Harreksaga 🙂

Submitted by GianniVacca on Tue, 11/12/2012 – 14:01.

10. Harreksaga 🙂

Harrek Saga

Submitted by Rick on Tue, 11/12/2012 – 23:36.

Is still in the works, by Loz.

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And of course, there might be

Submitted by Jeff on Mon, 08/10/2012 – 08:19.

And of course, there might be a few surprises added in there…..


Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

Sartar and Pavis

Submitted by RoM on Mon, 08/10/2012 – 05:20.

(a)+(b) The Sartar Companion holds much more than only adventures. Here is an extract of the table of content:

Places: Jonstown, The Jonstown Library, Clearwine Fort, Earth Temple, The Starfire Ridges, Colymar Wilds, Runegate, The Creekstream River, Dragonewts, Old Wind Temple, The New Lunar Temple, Sartar Rumors, Sartar Encounters, Trolls, Special Encounters

Cults: Argan Argar, Babeester Gor, Eurmal, Heler, Kolat, Odayla

…and lots of tables and maps. It is basically the second volume of the Sartar book.

  1. The 2nd edition Sartar is already available for sale. Just check: It is based on the HQ2 rules, though you can play it with any system easily.
  2. I haven’t heard about a Pavis reprint. The book contains more than 400 pages. Considering that I think the price is ok. Maybe you could get a used book somewhere, but I rather doubt it at this point. I think there is also a PDF only version available at the moondesign website.
  3. There was a blog entry on the moondesign website somewhere about all the upcoming puclications, but I can’t find it right now.

Have fun.


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