Ye Booke of Tentacles 6 (2006)

Tentacles Festschrift: 10 years of Tentacular Mayhem

Ybot 6 contains a lot of articles and adventures for our beloved gaming worlds + a 10th aniversary part. 

GloranthaThe Mystic Watch Story by Greg Stafford
The Conqueror Wyrm Lunar villains by Stewart Stansfield
The Lands of God Jrustela in the Second Age by David Dunham
Homeland Jrustela by David Dunham 
The Otherside of the Oceans water entities by Dr. Martin Hawley
Ruin Fiction by John Hughes

Eternal Champion
Erekose the original Eternal Champion by Shannon Appelcline
Damascus Declares Fiction by Lawrence Whitaker

Call of Cthulhu
The Fungi From Yuggoth description of this non-human race by Shannon Appelcline
What Dreams May Come scenario at the British Museum by Shannon Appelcline

Tentacles Special
A Tentacles Festschrift article about 10 years Tentacles convention, including comments by guests of honour, and photos!
Weavers and Shapers Interviews with David Dunham, Charlie Krank, Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford

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