Ye Booke of Tentacles 4: Scenario Special 1 (2003)

The Chaos Society.

Scenario Special, Fundraiser for Tentacles 2001

Ybot 4 is a scenario special containing the best scenarios for Elric!, Hero Wars and Call of Cthulhu that have been run at various Tentacles Conventions plus some more material. 


Hero Wars

  • Sheepless Nights (HW Episode) – by Jeff Kyer
  • The Cyrling Clan (Clan Describtion)
  • Meet the Black Oaks (Clan Describtion)
  • The Cult of Renvold Meldekbane – by Jeff Kyer
  • Black Oaks, Black Magic (HW Episode) – by Jeff Kyer
  • Someone, somewhere, in fire season
  • Saddled with the Nightmare (HW Episode) – by Simon Bray, Martin Hawley

Eternal Champion

  • Scrutineer´s Daughter
  • Learning to Fly (Hawkmoon Scenario) – by Lawrence Whitaker
  • Like Lovers and Heroes (Elric! Scenario) – by Lawrence Whitaker
  • A Home by the Sea (Stormbringer Scenario) – by Lawrence Whitaker
  • Adventures in Rignariom (Elric! Scenario Seed) – by Shannon Appelcline

Call of Cthulhu

  • The Lazy Man’s Guide to Constructing a CoC Adventure – by Sandy Petersen
  • Sandy Petersen´s Rules of Game Design – by Sandy Petersen
  • Cthulhu Mythos: Questions and Answers – by Sandy Petersen
  • How to use Music in Horror Gaming – by Sandy Petersen


  • The Adventure of the Poisoned Lake (Pendragon Scenario) – by Shannon Appelcline


  • The stats for Vuskarasas in ‘Black Oaks, Black Magic’ were written by Stephen Martin with assistance of Jeff Kyer and are copyright 2001 by Issaries, Inc.
  • The Diokos stats in ‘Saddled with the Nightmare’ were written by Simon Bray, and are based on material written by Jamie Revell and copyright 2000 by Issaries, Inc.
  • Some Ybot IV books are missing page 115. This page is now available as a PDF.

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