Tradetalk – The Chaos Society Magazine (1996-2009)

Published by the Chaos Society. Subtitled, “The Chaos Society Magazine”, Tradetalk covers Glorantha primarily, but also other Chaosium game series, including Elric, Elfquest, Nephilim, and Hawkmoon.

HISTORY, 1996-PRESENT by Shannon Appelcline

Quite simply, TradeTalk is the sixth(!) of the modern Gloranthan fanzines, following in the distinguished footsteps of Tales of the Reaching Moon, RuneQuest Adventures, Codex, New Lolon Gospel, and the Book of Drastic Resolutions. It first appeared in the Summer of 1996.

The first issue, which was subtitled “Broos in the East” was mostly translated reprints from Free INT, a German language magazine dedicated to the sundry Chaosium games. However, with the second issue Free INT transformed itself, becoming instead the magazine of the international Chaos Society. Beginning with issue 2, published early in 1997, TradeTalk was filled with new material and promised a regular schedule, with the hopeful goal of three issues per year. They were relatively regular over the years and ended up running 17 issues total through the early ’00s.

For the most part TradeTalk is a Glorantha RuneQuest fanzine. However, there is typically one article on another Chaosium system in each issue, typically written by me as it happens.

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