Tradetalk 04: Kethaelan Issue (1998)

The issue of Tradetalk # 4 was the first totally laid out and designed by Dario Corallo. Dario is an illustrator as well as a professional layout artist for a newspaper on Sicily, and can combine both aspects of this work for the benefit of Tradetalk. For the first time we published the column “News from the Trader”, a regular page by Greg Stafford for Issaries Inc., the publisher of Hero Wars. With Tradetalk # 4 we have left Ralios behind and moved to the Holy Country in Maniria.

For this issue we published:

  • Kingdom of Night part 1 & 2 – from Shannon Appel, Greg Stafford and Stephen Martin
  • The Holy Country – Overview of the holy country from Jörg Baumgartner
  • Points of Interest – Famous points of the holy country by Jörg Baumgartner
  • Port of Nochet – The harbour of the greatest city of Genertela
  • Map of the Holy Country – new Map of the whole region from Dario Corallo
  • Rightarm Islands – Region of the Holy Country by Simon Bray and Martin Hawley
  • The Island Gazetteer – Importants points of interest from Martin Hawley und Simon Bray
  • Islands Spirits – by Martin Hawley and Simon Bray
  • The Twelve Birds Festival – Adventure from Martin Hawley
  • Choralintor Bay – song by Guy Hoyle
  • When I was Twelve – story by Martin Hawley
  • The Closing – History by Matin Hawley
  • Knights of Arthur – Pendragon Knights from Shannon Appel

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