ISS1101 Hero Wars – Corrections

Updated: 22 Aug 2000

ThroughoutThe Omega character should be “1/2”.
ThroughoutThe underlined o character should be “1/4”.
ThroughoutÖ should be “…”.
ThroughoutThe ae ligature on it’s own should be “3/4” (cf page 182).
Page 1Cover design by Eric Vogt
Page 17The character sheets are included in the Boxed set, not at the back of the book.
Page 27“Heortling”, “Warrior” and “Humakt” should have double-underlines in the example.
Page 28Kallai should not have the “Bow” ability under Ranged Combat.
Page 28Kallai should have “Pantheon: Storm 13”, not “Great Deity: Orlanth 13”.
Page 38The costs of a Chainmail Byrnie and Plate Armor should be 5w and 15w, not 5w2 and 15w2.
Page 47The Lawspeaker keyword may choose between Lhankor Mhy and Orlanth Lawspeaker (not included in the book), not Orlanth Rex.
Page 49, 50The resistance for Bevara and Chalana Arroy’s healing feats should not be in the [D+x] Format, instead the resistance should be read as the [x]. E.g. the resistance to Chalana Arroy’s Heal Injury feat is simply [15], not [D+15].
Page 81The White Sea is also known as the Keniryan Sea, and is listed as such on the Glorantha map included in the boxed set.
Page 90Yelm’s rune is not in the rune font. The correct rune is .
Page 125Wrong word in the second paragraph of the example – “…as the of the things…” should be “…as one of the things…”
Page 130The “Simple Contest Chart” is actually the “Extended Contest Chart”.
Page 137The “Fight Undead Thing” feat mentioned in the example is the same as Humakt’s “Kill Undead” feat on page 56.
Page 144Insert “not” so it reads “…equipment alone is not worthy of description.”.
Page 152Change “Round 2” to say “In Round 3 Felnak wagers 7 points…”.
Page 173Narrators may wish to add Invisibility as a difficult feat.
Page 192Remove the word “modifiers” in the sentence “The normal resistance to a blessing is 14 modifiers”.
Page 192Remove the word “magical” in the sentence “Curses are resisted by the best magical resistance of the target…”.
Page 216Hsunchen who know the Shapechange ability do not suffer the D+20 “Change own Shape” penalty.
Page 231Replace the word “augmentations” with “enhancements” in the sentence “Appropriate magic for the optional contact modifier are…”.

Rules Synopsis

Updated: 20 Aug 2000, errors corrected in PDF

Page 1The standard improvisational modifier is –3, not -5.
Page 1Augmentation is not shown by the  rune.
Page 3The Heroic Contest column in the Ordinary and Heroic Consequences Chart should read Less than -1x Starting APs for the Major Defeat line and Less than -2x Starting APs for the Complete defeat line.
Page 5In addition to augmenting or granting an ability, Skill Spirits also add AP when invoked.
Page 5Character Development costs: 
Improving a Grimoire +1 costs 5/10 Hero Points.
Learning a Grimoire and one spell at 12 costs 5/10 Hero Points.
Learning a new Spell or Blessing at 12 costs 2/4 Hero Points.

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