ISS1101 Hero Wars – Art (2000)

By Lee Moyer
Cover art

Whirling Blades Martial Artist
By Marc Moreno
The Lunar mystics include a martial arts sect known for their double-scimitar use. They generally scorn ordinary magic and revere only Taraltara, the mystical lunar goddess.

Two Merfolk
By Marc Moreno
Many aquatic races inhabit the oceans of Glorantha. Seemingly united to landsmen they are often as hostile to each other as humans are to trolls, dwarves and elves. Here are members of the two great kindred, a sword wielding ludoch fighting a hungry malasp seeking a meal.

Three Faces of the Moon
By Marc Moreno
Here are the three most popular aspects of Sedenya, the moon goddess worshipped by the Lunar Empire. In front is Taraltara, the mystic goddess. Standing behind her is Natha, the black and white Vengeful Moon goddess. Behind her is Rufelza, the red moon that is visible in the sky.

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