ISS1103 Anaxial’s Roster – Corrections (2004)

Updated: 18 Janury 2004
New errata marked with an asterisk *

See also the Hero Wars to HeroQuest conversion notes.

Special ThanksOur thanks to Jonas Schiött for finding many of these errors, and a whole lot of typos, too.
Page 1Cover design by Eric Vogt
Page 27Harpy, Weapons and Armor, Dung ^0 should be changed to Dung ^2 to reflect how difficult it is to remove the dung.
Page 49Sered, Common Horse Distribution: add Maniria.
Page 86Lion, 2nd descriptive paragraph, 2nd sentence should read: “He also resisted Emperor Murharzarm, among many others.”
Page 87Keladur and Betidur, descriptive paragraph, 2nd sentence should read: “They Ambushed Murharzarm and escaped alive.”
Page 1112nd paragraph, 3rd sentence should read: “The Pelorians say they are the children of Sanama and …”
*Page 120In the fourth paragraph, it is stated that “Tridents are the chosen weapons for male zabdamar”. Male zabdamar have flippers, not hands, so they cannot effectively use weapons (as stated on p.122). The “Tridents…” sentence should thus be ignored.
Page 126Vronkali, Ages: add Golden.
Page 134Note that the distribution provided in this book supercedes that in previous publications. Aramites can be found in lands outside Dragon Pass only in small, nomadic bands, but are found in strength only in their homeland.
Page 136Centaur: Distribution should read “Seshnela, Maniria; rarely in brown and green elf lands (see pg. 126).”
Page 138Durulz: Remove Small 14 under the Typical Abilities of a Typical Durulz Boater. Durulz boaters are no smaller than the rest of their kin.
Page 139Minotaur: Distribution should read “Seshnela, Maniria; rarely in brown and green elf lands (see pg. 126).”
Page 148Gangan: Ages should read “All (rare except in Green Age).”
Page 167Uzko, last paragraph: the actions that attempted to break the Curse of Kin did not create the enlo, but it did cause them to be widespread and numerous.
Page 169Typical Enlo Warrior, Innate Abilities: Add Small 10.
Page 182Stoorworms: like all Chaos species, they evince widely varying appearance. Most stoorworms do not possess wings, though undoubtedly some do as a result of Chaos features and unusual matings.
Page 196Kilin: The curse of a kilin gives a -10 penalty to the ability rating rather than the die roll, since rolling lower gives a better result than rolling higher.
Page 2012nd complete sentence at top of page: The reference to different elementals being harder to disrupt than others should be removed. All elementals have identical Resist Damage abilities, based solely on their size.
Page 201Gnome: Strong should be 5/cubic yard, not 6/cubic yard.
Page 212Embodied Spirits, 2nd paragraph, replace 2nd to last sentence with the following: “Spirits from outside the traditional are, however, always hostile and bad.”
Page 222The illustration should be labeled “Potameid,” not “Limnade.”
Page 226Illness Penalties, Minor Effect: as written, the penalty for a Minor Effect will start out greater than the penalty for a Major Effect, for any spirit with a Might > 10. Narrators are free to begin the penalty for a Minor Effect at a lower number, for example by using the Disease Intensity Chart on page 227. Narrators are also free to begin the penalty for a Major Effect at a greater penalty than -1 to 05, again by using the Disease Intensity Chart.
Page 229Brain Fever Spirit: Should not have a “Ravage Body 10w” ability. All disease spirits use their Might ability rating for their Ravage Body attack.
*Page 186Walktapus: the Grapple and Constrict rating of 5w2 was in a previous erratum recommended at 5w^2. With the publication of HeroQuest, the original rating of 5w2 is now standard.

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