Convention Report Tentacles 2002

Convention Report Tentacles 2002 By Greg Stafford

Just got back from Tentacles. As always, I had a great time. I extend my thanks to Fabian Küchler, who was as always the most gracious and excellent host; and to the German RQ society, who sponsored the convention. Castle Stahleck is still beautiful, overlooking the Rhine River.

I enjoyed it immensely, as always. The presence of my wife was a tremendous boost, of course. Thanks to everyone who treated her so nicely.

The GTA party was more fun than usual, thanks mainly to the Postcards from Glorantha event. I will post the cards and the results on the GTA site as soon as I scan the cards. I will ask the namers of each card to let me know who you were so that I can add them to the site.

I got to play in a LARP where my wife was actually on my side for a change. It was a great education for me, too. I’ve played plenty of LARPs but this was the first one where I realized how I had never quite done it right. Talking to David Hall and Nick Brooks afterwards allowed me to realize that I have always played according to the “If it isn’t stated, then it’s not allowed” rules. From now on, though, I am going to play by the “If it’s not prohibited then it is allowed” method.

I really enjoyed a couple of different ways I presented my seminars. I’ll do it this way now, instead, I think.

For one, in the Greg Reads I put aside my manuscript and told a story, instead. This was fun because I could tell some plans instead of just what I’d written. Thanks to Charles Corrigan for the suggestion!

Also, in the HeroQuest seminar I played out a rough game instead of talking about it. What a difference! For the record, this allowed me to see a couple of weaknesses in the presentation. I will have to rewrite the chapter now, but it was worth it. This is another lesson to me about playing with new people instead of the Same Old Crew.

I also was very glad to have a couple of days of actual vacation time. Now I am more familiar with Frankfurt as a place with contents, instead of just that “city over there.”

And, as always, I really enjoyed the festival at Fabian’s home town. A real piece of Old Europe there. And also, André Jarosch’s contribution to my “evil candy collection.”

Thanks, once again, to the sponsors and the attendees.

Greg trying to be a marksman again. #3 in a series. Also present, left to right: Roderick Robertson, Greg Stafford, Suzanne Courteau, Fabian Küchler. Sorry that the latter two in the photo got marred.

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