Convention Report Tentacles 2001

Convention Report Tentacles 2001 By Greg Stafford

I have just returned from another fabulous Tentacles. I’m not even over my jet lag yet.

It was, as always, a very international scene. I spent time talking and playing with and to people from the nations of Germany, US, Canada, Australia, France, Holland, Britain, Scotland and Texas. And probably some others as well who managed to disguise their accents. The con was booked solid and people had to be turned away. This is a terrific sign of its popularity, and I recommend anyone who is going next year to register early.

I spoke often and perhaps too much, read as usual from unpublished works and looked into many of the games being played. The entire con is always gratifyingly loaded with games that are or were published by me (Hero Wars, Stormbringer, Pendragon, Call of Cthulhu being foremost.) Sandy Petersen was present and blessed some group with a CoC game that went from dusk until dawn.

Three new fan publications were released here! Unspoken Word, The Masks of Pavis and Les Erudites de L’Ambigu all have increased out knowledge of Glorantha.

The most fun that I had was in the LARP, Fall of the House of Malan. I managed to survive, despite some efforts wherein I deserved to be chopped down, fighting against both Varmand himself and the EWF sorcerer that appeared.

No convention has the scenic appeal of a little castle perched upon a hillside overlooking the Rhine. No other convention I attend has such a great host as Fabian Kuchler or a staff that gets thunderous applause at the end of the con.

I recommend this event to everyone.

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