The Far Point


The people of the Far Point view the world as a dangerous place and seek whatever allies they can to help ensure their survival. Chaos, giants, and trolls are continuous threats to their existence, and as a result, they call upon gods as dissimilar as Storm Bull and Yelmalio, Orlanth and even the Seven Mothers. They have a deserved reputation for being hard-working and practical survivalists, but also backwards and isolated. They are quarrelsome and often seen as short-sighted, in their choice of both friends and enemies.

The population of the Far Point follow Orlanthi norms and are divided into seven tribes, with a total of some 40 clans. There are two cities, Alda-Chur and Alone, each the center of a confederation of several tribes. These cities are organized along Sartarite lines. Between 1582 and 1602, Prince of Sartar served as High Priest of Orlanth Rex, commander-in-chief, and arbitrated disputes between the tribes.

After 1602, the cities became semi-autonomous Lunar client states. However, civil conflict between anti-Lunar cults such as Orlanth and Storm Bull and those cults neutral towards or allied with the Lunar Empire resulted in violence and bloodshed. In 1611, a Vantaros tribal leader, Harvar Ironfist, was acclaimed Prince of the Alda-Churi with Lunar support and ended the civil conflict. As of 1625 there is no Prince, as Harvar Ironfist died in the Dragonrise, although the area remains under Lunar Occupation.

The most important cult around Alda-Chur is Ernalda, with most people recognizing Orlanth as her most important husband-protector. However, a significant minority follow Yelmalio and among the largest tribe of the Alda-Churi, the Yelmalio cult actually slightly outnumbers the Orlanth cult, and often dominates the tribal leadership. Another significant minority follow the Seven Mothers, and the Seven Mothers cult actively supports the neutral Yelmalio cult over the more hostile Orlanth cult.

If anything Alone is even more isolated and backwards than the Alda-Churi. However the Orlanth cult is clearly dominant around Alone, outnumbering even the Ernalda cult.