Non-humans in Genertela


As an aside, did you know that 20% of intelligent beings in Dragon Pass are nonhuman? That’s one of the highest concentrations of nonhumans in human dominated lands in Genertela.

For comparison:

  • Peloria 8% nonhuman
  • Kethaela 5% nonhuman
  • Fronela 7% nonhuman
  • Seshnela 7% nonhuman
  • Ralios 18% nonhuman
  • Prax and the Wastes 19% nonhuman
  • Kralorela 13% nonhuman

Only Teshnos has a higher nonhuman percentage (22%), largely because of the huge yellow elf population in Fethlon.

The Elder Wilds reverses this as it is the only large area in Genertela dominated by nonhumans. Only 18% of the population is human there!

Does Kralorela include the Kingdom of Ignorance? I think there are a lot of Uz there? Yes, and yes.