Jar-eel again


So people love to worry about Harrek the Berserk or complain about Argrath being a warlord, but one of the most important Heroes in the Hero Wars is Jar-eel the Razoress.

It is worth going back to that allocation of the unconscious model from earlier this year:

  • Personal Power 50%
  • Bloodspillers 20%
  • Dream 10%
  • Undifferentiated 10%
  • Red Goddess 10%

Despite – or perhaps because of – being widely worshiped in the Lunar Empire as the incarnation of the Red Goddess, Jar-eel’s mana primarily goes to her own personal aggrandisement, and another 20% goes to her Sardukar Guard. Sure she defends the Lunar Empire, but at least in part because it is a resource that enables her to do great things, but HER great things are the ultimate purpose of the empire, not vice versa.

Thinking of Jar-eel in this manner helps make her tick for me. She’s already proven her independence and autonomy from both the Red Emperor and the Red Goddess – you better accommodate her desires, because you are not going to stop her.

At least not unless you have your own superhero on your side.

Apocalypse by Gebhard Fugel, source: Wikimedia commons

I regularly run Pendragon. Jar-eel is no different than Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Mordred, Morgana, and Gawaine. Or running a game set in a historical era (or the modern world). When I run Call of Cthulhu, I rarely worry about the characters trying to kill J. Edgar Hoover or Calvin Coolidge.

We know she must have proven her independence as she is not only a Hero but a Superhero!

Best current source is probably the Guide or the Sourcebook.

I do not know specifically when she proved that she was not overwhelmed by the Red Goddess, but I suspect it was between 1602 and 1610, when she was in her late teens.

Remember, Jar-eel was already a Red Goddess Initiate at age 8(!).