God of boats and sailors

Dormal, a humble craftsman from the city of Nochet, received inspiration from the god Magasta and instruction from Hunlarni the Wise. Galaaz the Shaper was shipwright, using old plans tiled upon his warehouse floor. Dormal said his prayers, raised his sail, and set out across the open sea on the first over-water voyage in over 400 years. Dormal’s rites and ceremonies are used by all captains now, although other ship designs have been resurrected or rediscovered.

Dormal’s shipboard image is usually carved of wood with arms extended outward to hold a large shell which is daily emptied and replenished from the water under the ship’s keel.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Cults of Glorantha Preview952019water rune
Guide to Glorantha1512014water runeNotes only
Tales of the Reaching Moon #10
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985water runeShort form
Gods of Glorantha, Prosopaedia1985Notes only

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