36 – Release the Kraken, part 1


Harreck sure is impressive, didn´t he carried an axe before?

Kalin Kadiev – The axe is hanging from his belt, as is his kukri. (you just can’t see that one, you can still see the axe though). Simply put, he doesn’t need them.

Shouldn’t the Yggites be summoning sea monsters of their own? And freezing rains? It’s not all Harrek vs the world in this battle. The Wolf Pirates are a force to be reckoned with on their own. Where is the Ygg cult write up?

Jeff Richard – There is no canonical write-up of the cult of Ygg. The writeup in HQ1 is not canonical (and kind of is off the mark), and neither is the Mongoose one. See Ygg.

Who are the Wold Pirates fighting? From what Sixth & culture? Caladraland? Right Arm Isles? Or was there a separate ‘imperial’ culture from The City Of Wonders?

Kalin Kadiev – All of them, really. The Holy Country’s navy has sailors from all across the Sixths. Obviously most are Right Arm or Eslorian sailors, but you can probably find a heortling or even a kitori somewhere in there.

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