Fun in the Sun 3: Re-appropriation of Costume

Dan Barker 25/06/2011 – 01:45

So, I finally get to my point started in parts 1 and 2.

OK, it probably says a lot about me that when I see one of these*:

I think TROLLS!** Only then do I think what a lovely Orlanthi belt.

“Trolls?” you say (or more likely, “not more bloody trolls?”), to which I reply “yes!”

More exactly I see troll sunglasses. I imagine a troll, dressed as they would for the Dayshift on an insect farm, wearing a traditional burqua (something bright or white to reflect the light). The light isn’t completely blocked by the material, but it is still too diffuse to allow a troll to see, so proves an annoyance. So (I imagine) they have taken to augmenting this protection with the traditional Ernaldan belt-buckle. They block all light and they are worked in patterns that are discernible by Darksense. I reckon trolls originally took these in raids, but over time would trade for such items (bent to suit their physiognomy better).

Similarly, this Talastari bridal cap, would go down very well in troll circles. Where a bride would wear this with the visor slightly above the eyes, a troll would tear out the back and wear it with the visor over the snout and the main body covering their eyes and scalp, with the roses roughly in front of, and below, where the eyes are.

As you can see, people (and trolls) will always find another use for an item. So bear this in mind next time you visit an exhibition.

* OK, this is a bad example, as it is obviously of pretty modern design, but it comes from a very traditional Eastern European design that just screams Orlanthi to me.
** And not in a Red Sonja (Black Sonar?)/Steel Pasties kinda way Newt ;-).

Submitted by dan (not verified) on Sat, 25/06/2011 – 11:52.

Newt! You are a bad, bad man. Tsk! Tsk! Those would have to be very big belt buckles 😀

Submitted by dan (not verified) on Sat, 25/06/2011 – 11:50.

Well, I can kind of see what you mean, but if so the whole “synchs with heart beat” schtick makes no sense. If they “see” darkness then like eyesight it is purely a passive sense, so no need for clicking, measuring distance by time, bobbing and weaving or any of the other observed traits*.
I do believe that Mostali EarthSense is based on vibrations picked up by their whiskers and soles of their feet, but I’ll get to the other Elder Races another time.

* Sandy believed that Trolls had sonar like dolphins not bats. I’ve chosen to ignore that, so feel free to ignore anything I write too. It’s only fair.

Submitted by Newt on Sat, 25/06/2011 – 09:19.

First pic makes me think “Mistress Troll Bra” 😉

Submitted by Ilikeit on Sat, 25/06/2011 – 06:19.

There was a discussion some months (perhaps years!?) ago on the Glorantha Yahoo! list, about troll darksense, and I think some members came to the conclusion that it made more sense that darksense wasn’t any kind of sonar like the one bats have, but rather the ability to see through darkness or shadow, in the same way most other races see through light. I like this idea, because it makes sense in a Gloranthan way. I also don’t like it because it means now trolls wouldn’t be as powerful under daylight. :S

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