Guide to the Guide to Glorantha

  1. Guide to Glorantha
  2. Argan Argar Association (AAA) Atlas
  3. “Companion” Gazeteer (PDF only)
  4. Poster map set
  5. Genertela folded map set
  6. Archival map set

Here we show the current proposed contents of each of the volumes.

The main text of the Guide is written and is going through editing. The stretch goals from the KickStarter Campaign added so much new content to be written or commissioned that the publication is delayed. See the KICKSTARTER updates and the FAQ for the latest information on the publication date.


  • Size: 2 volumes of 10 x 12 inches (approx 25 x 30 cm), 500 pages (estimated)
  • Formats: PDF, Hardcover, Faux Leather Hardcover


  • Gloranthan Cosmology, Mythology and History
  • Cultures:
  • Travel Guides – history, people, places and prophecies for:
    • Genertela:
      • Dragon Pass, Elder Wilds, Fronela, Holy Country, Lunar Heartlands, (Lunar) West Reaches, Lunar Provinces, Lunar Allies, Maniria, Pent, Ralios, Seshnela, The Wastelands, Kralorela, Teshnos
    • Pamaltela:
      • Errinoru, Fonrit, Jolar, Kothar, Maslo, Tarien, Umathela
    • Islands:
      • East Isles, Jrusteli Isles, Loral, Slon, Teleos, Vadeli Isles, Vormain
    • Oceans and Seas
    • Heroplanes:
      • places of interest from the Godlearner’s maps of the Mythological Ages!
  • Vampires in Glorantha: 2000 word monograph by Mark Rein-Hagen
  • Secrets of the
    • Vadeli
    • Waertagi
    • Chaos
    • Moon + a map
    • Broken Council
    • Weather + map
    • Trade + map
    • Illumination, including the epic relationship between Nysalor, Gbaji, and Arkat
    • Heroes and HeroQuesting
    • Hero Wars
    • Hero Wars in Dragon Pass
    • Dragon Rise – how the Sartarite rebels exploited the structure of the Sky in order to raise a True Dragon
    • Godlearners – a substantive essay
  • Unique Mysteries of Glorantha
  • Links to all postings about the Guide to Glorantha




  • Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (approx 22 x 28 cm), 100 pages (estimated)
  • Formats: PDF, Softcover, Hardcover


Maps in a road atlas format

  • More than 100 full color map plates by Colin Driver and Simon Bray
  • Covers all of inner Glorantha
  • Super-detailed maps of:
    • all of Genertela, originally just central and western Genertela
    • all of Pamaltela, previously just Fonrit and Umathela
    • all of Vithela, Vormain and the East Isles
    • Jrustela
  • The PDF will have the hexes as a layer that can be toggled on/off
  • There may be an option to have your Atlas printed with or without hexes.
    • This is subject to the differing levels of demand for each option, which can greatly affect the associated printing costs per book.

3. “COMPANION” GAZETEER (PDF only) – obsolete

The “Companion” Gazeteer is now merged into the main Guide to Glorantha, which becomes a two volume set.

The Companion was planned to be published in PDF format only. But, once the KICKSTARTER campaign hit the required funding level, it became possible to print the Guide in 2 volumes and include all of the content from the Companion.

4. Poster map set

A set of 24 color poster maps (11 inch X 17 inch) unfolded. These are the Colin Driver and Simon Bray geographical maps, the same ones already in the Main Guide and in the Argan Argar Atlas. These maps will not have hexes on them.

This item will be shipped separately from the books, rolled up together in a very sturdy mailing tube. The estimated shipping date for this map set is April 2013.

5. Genertela folded map set

A set of 5 poster maps of Genertela (approx. 18 x 24 inch). Lay them out together on a table and you’ll have a 24 x 90 inch big view of Genertela. As the number of backers getting these maps increases, so is the possibility that the posters will increase in size as well. These maps will not have hexes on them.

The maps will be folded and shipped inside the printed copy of the Guide. If ordered with the Poster map set, it may be possible to have the maps rolled instead of folded.

6. Archival map set

This is a collection of 8 high resolution color prints of Greg Stafford’s original hand drawn maps – the master maps on which everything in Glorantha is based. These include Greg’s master maps of Dragon Pass, the Holy Country and the Shadowlands, the Lunar Empire, Ralios, and the West, as well as maps of the Wastelands, Dagori Inkarth, and the entire world. This is your chance to own a copy of the original masters! They include details (some speculative) that did not make it onto the maps in the Guide.

Note that this may not be available after the completion of the KICKSTARTER campaign.


The entire super-detailed continent of Genertela color map printed on a vinyl banner that is 1.5 meters high and 3 meters wide (approx. 5′ x 9′).

Note that this may not be available after the completion of the KICKSTARTER campaign.

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