Art of the Guide to Glorantha

The Guide to Glorantha is lavishly illustrated by such artists as Jon Hodgson, Jeff Laubenstein, Mike Perry, and Jan Pospisil, as well as others. The entire Moon Design team has worked countless effort on art direction to make sure that Glorantha receives a distinctive and striking appearance, unlike anything else in fantasy literature or gaming.

Jeff Laubenstein has illustrated each of the Gloranthan cultures (and several Elder Races) in his distinctive style:

A Rathori hunter (left), and an Uncoling shaman (right) with her distinctive spirit drum.

Canadian artist Mike Perry contributed scenes for many regions of Glorantha:

Seshnelan King Guilmarn the Fat receives the submission of a rebellious talar, attended by his Rokari wizards and his Champion.

Cory Trego-Erdner has illustrated numerous Gloranthan scenes and artifacts:

On the right: Holy Country wine bowl depicting Belintar surrounded by swimming Ludoch.

Holy Country wine bowl depicting Belintar surrounded by swimming Ludoch - Cory Trego-Erder

Finally, the Guide will include 16 full color plates by Jan Pospisil. Here’s just an example:

To the left: General Fazzur Wideread and his ally, the Feathered Horse Queen, receive the submission of the Sartarite rebels Hofstaring Treeleaper and Kallyr Starbrow, ending Starbrow’s Rebellion.

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