FAQ about the Guide to Glorantha

  1. Where is the most up to date source of information about the Guide to Glorantha?
  2. When will the Guide to Glorantha be published?
    • We expect to publish the Guide to Glorantha in May August September to November 2013 (subject to review).The Argan Argar Atlas is expected to be published slightly earlier, in August 2013  The awesome stretch goals we achieved have increased the page count of the Guide by about 50%. All of this new material must be written, drawn, or painted and then edited, spell checked, grammar checked, consistency checked, re-edited and then laid-out. Each of these steps will be revisited several times.
  3. What about the post-KickStarter survey?
    • We have not sent it out because we can only send it out once per backer. We mainly need to use it for verifying your order and for your address, so we have plenty of time to do that closer to the actual printing date. We would hate to send your order to an old address…
  4. I backed the KickStarter, but want to increase my reward level – is this possible?
    • In general, yes, you will be able to purchase a higher reward level (to obtain more rewards/items) when we are closer to the actual publication date.
  5. I missed the KickStarter. Can I still join it, or pre-order some of the items?
    • The KickStarter ended on December 18th so it is no longer possible to join it. However, we will start taking pre-orders for many of the items offered (at least the main Guide to Glorantha books, the Argan Argar Atlas, and some of the poster map sets) when we are closer to going to print. However, the prices will be higher than the KickStarter prices.
  6. What is the final contents list of the Guide to Glorantha?
  7. Will the Guide to Glorantha have RQ or HQ2 specific rules or stat blocks?
    • The Guide will discuss the Glorantha setting in a rules free fashion, and will be entirely statless so it will remain compatible with the rules system of your choice.
  8. What is the Gods of Glorantha or Belintar’s Book that I have heard mention of?
    • Gods of Glorantha will be a volume exploring the gods and the myth cycles of each of the major cultures of Glorantha. When we have finished work on the Guide to Glorantha, we will be able to flesh out more of what that means.

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