CHA2003 All the Worlds’ Monsters Vol. 3 (1980)

Now! The long-wanted 3rd volume of the All the Worlds’ Monsters series is here-112 pages packed with monsters and play-aids. Included are 238 new monsters, an all-series index, a RuneQuest stats conversion essay by Steve Perrin, and grouping lists by monster type, level, and appearance. The stats were created by dungeon masters from across the United States and Canada. Each monster is rated for hit dice, armor class, movement, whether and how well it swims and flies, its intelligence range, dexterity, alignment, normal habitat, the probability of it being present in its lair. by a die roll for number present, the probability of the presence of treasure and its type, how it attacks, and a description of general appearance and special characteristics.

System: D&D with RuneQuest conversion essay: How To Convert ATWM Brutes Into RuneQuest Nasties by Steve Perrin

Authors & number of contributions: Steve Perrin, Jeff Pimper, A. Arocho & P Jaquays (I), Rob Anslow (4), Carl Bathgute & Greg Jones (1). Allen Bmwick (I), Carl Bathgate (8), Clint Bigglestone (5), Glenn BIacow (I), Pavel Curtis & Chris Rolls (S), Chuck M y (51, R. Clifiord (21, Pavel Curtis (IO), Skip Davis (I), Steve Davies (3),Mike Dawson (1). Scott Fodyce (I), Lee Gold, (I), Mike Gunderloy (8),Dave Hargrave (I 7). Eclmi Hannifen (3), Steve Hender son (I), Richard Harvey (2), W. Ives (I), Paul Jaquays (I), Teny Jackson (I), Kay Shapero (11). Tom Johnson (I), Hugh Kernohan (I), Duncan Kuhns (I), Charlie Luce & Kay Shapero (I), Charlie Luce (9), Jeff Martis (31, Steve Marsh (21). Jeff Matthews (l), Scott McCartney (I), Thomas R. Metcalf (2), Ken Murphy (2), Roger M. W. Musson (4), Rob Narbews (4), Mark Norton (I), Dennis O’Brien (3), Jim Parker (7), Mike Pacheco (I). Anthony Perrottet, C. Pettus (31, Steve Pemh (3). Dan Pierson (2). Jeff Pimper (I), S. Rose & K. Pick (I). Chris Rolls (12), Carol Rode (S), Karl Sander (I), Paul Schneider (4), Rick Schwdl(3), Nicohi Shapem (4), Wayne Shaw (71, John Skam (3), R. P. Smith (2). Stewart Spada (I), Mark Swanson (I), Paul Taylor (4), Virginia Taylor (3). Jon Tindel(6), G e o m To& (2), C. Ulrich (I), Andy Von Gottfried (3)

Artist: Luise Perrene, Don Simpson (cover)

Formats & Printing

CHA2003 All the Worlds’ Monsters Vol. 3, Chaosium 1980. 112 pages.

CHA2003-PDF All the Worlds’ Monsters Vol. 3, Chaosium 1980. 112 pages.

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