Great Captains of the Third Age


Scholars traditionally list several great captains of the Third Age. These are military leaders who consistently displayed genius with their use of the forces available to them. They are:

  • Yanafal Tarnils – the greatest Lunar commander
  • Jannisor Chaos-Binder – the great rebel who reached the gates of the Inner City.
  • Hwarin Dalthippa – the Conquering Daughter
  • Sheng Seleris – the Great Conquerer
  • Fazzur Wideread – the great captain who conquered Dragon Pass, Prax, and the Holy Country
  • Argrath White Bull – the Liberator
  • Harrek the Beserk – the White Bear of Land and Sea.

Magnificus Imperator!? His magical duel is given the credit, not his use of the Lunar Army. And his performance at the Nights of Horrors was brute power without much skill. And although it removed the Pentan threat, it also destroyed the Lunar Army.Magnificus was the kind of commander who would drop a nuke on his own troops.

Harrek? Yes, Harrek was a remarkable military leader as well. His defeat of the Holy Country navy in 1616, assault of Sog City, Noloswal, and other victories were remarkable.

The missing person is not the Red Emperor, but Jar-eel, who displayed far more competence than her “father” in her independent commands.

Jar-eel’s son Phargentes? yes, but he’s not active “yet”.