Lunar Treasury at Boldhome during the Occupation


Although the new Temple of the Reaching Moon was to be the magical and religious center of the province, Boldhome remained the administrative center for the Lunars. The Provincial Governor of Dragon Pass (Euglyptus, Fazzur, and Tatius) served as the Red Emperor’s proxy in that province, and was overseen by the Provincial Overseer. The provincial governor combined military, religious, and civil functions and was assisted by personal staff. The primary responsibility of the Provincial Governor was to secure and expand Lunar power in Dragon Pass and beyond, while cooperating with the needs of the Seven Mothers cult.

To the extent possible, the Provincial Governor was to be financially self-sustaining, collecting taxes and tolls, and imposing other tribute in order to pay the large number of soldiers assigned to Dragon Pass. In 1625, there were approximately 15,000 Lunar soldiers in Dragon Pass. In addition, from 1613-1625 the Provincial Governor was responsible for the construction of the Temple of the Reaching Moon, a vast monumental building covering 10 hectares (about the same size as the Upper City of Jonstown).This meant that not only was the Provincial Governor collecting money from merchants, tribal leaders, temples, cities, etc., but was receiving regular infusions of silver from Glamour. Several treasuries were set up. The first was in Boldhome. In 1622, construction of the Temple of the Reaching Moon had progressed far enough that a second treasury was established there. A third treasury was established in New Pavis, for the Lunar Prax province. These treasuries stored silver, minted coins, and a small army of scribes tracked receipts and expenditures.

Argrath seized the New Pavis treasury when he took that city in 1624 (despite efforts by the Provincial Governor to escape with the treasury). The treasure at the Temple of the Reaching Moon was lost to the Dragonrise, and is believed to be at the bottom of the chasm called the Dragon Rest. The Boldhome treasury was seized by Kallyr Starbrow shortly after the Dragonrise, and it funded her attempted Lightbringers Quest later that year.