Goddess of love and former Celestial Court goddess of life

Uleria represents Love in all its forms: eros, agape, lust, platonic, etc. She commands those powers which bring things or people together. She may be the only deity of the Celestial Court to survive the Great Darkness, though some believe that that being which is worshiped in her name is only a small portion of the whole of Uleria, or is actually another goddess with identical powers, attributes, and appearance. Uleria’s cult is widespread but not politically powerful.

Uleria is depicted in different fashions for different pantheons, but always she is shown as a handsome, sexually mature man or woman.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview1882019
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985Short form write up
Different Worlds #3861985
Cult Compendium1972002Elf Genealogy

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