Issaries, Inc. Publication Plans (2007)

This page contains items that were never published or published under another title. DS 2021.

Published under a different name

1306. Heroes of Malkion, Player’s Book for Westerners
Content: An overview of the West, focusing on the monotheistic, sorcerous-oriented culture and their religons.
Status: This book is really coming along well, with a large part of the manuscript submited and accepted. It is the most finished of all unfinished manuscripts.

Content: Poly-genera HeroQuest, applicable to any setting.
Status: Writing stage

Oak and Thorn, Player’s Book for Elves
Content: Glorantha elves are mobile humanoid plants, children of the Song of the Forest. This book introduces aldryami as player characters but also provides information and adventures for outsiders forced to enter their leafy realms.
Status: Writing in progress, doing well with significant portions done and acceptable.

Published as

  • MGP8130 Elfs: A Guide to the Aldryami (2007)
  • Signs & Portents elf addendums

Never published

1404. Raising the DragonSartar Rising part 4 — 2004

1501. Orlanthi Narrator’s Kit, including a Narrator’s Screen, Heortling Character Sheets, and a Heortling Calendar — 2003

3008. Takenegi’s Muster: The Imperial Army (pre-finished work)

Beast Riders, Player’s Book for Praxian Nomads
Content: This book will provide all the information you need to know to play a member of the major Praxian beast rider tribes.
Status: Writing in progress, doing well with significent portions done and acceptable.

Sun Son City, Lunar Adventures
Conent: A series of adventures set in the sprawling Dara Happan city of Raibanth, as two mighty Associations vie for power, both political and magical, and in the process threaten the very stability of the metropolis.
Status: Some material finished.

Reliving Genert, Resurrecting a Dead Land
Content: A story arc with several scenarios detailing the great Praxian project to resurrect their long-dead Great Spirit Genert.
Status: Writing stage

“New Beginnings,” Scenarios
Content: GM tips, starting hints; sartar Lunar and Sea scenarios
Status: Writing stage

What Gods Fear, The Anti-chaos Campaign
Content: Campaign arc of scenarios for a hero band of chaos-hunters to destroy chaos. Includes chaos cults and monsters.
Status: Writing stage

Fonrit, Slavery is Freedom
Content: Story arc and background for the land of Fonrit.
Status: Writing stage

Distant Shores, Odyssey of Terror
Content: Story arc of a fabulous adventure circumnavigating the Inner Ocean.
Status: Writing stage

100 Homelands, Peoples of Glorantha
Content: 100 Homelands of HeroQuest.

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