ISS1301 Thunder Rebels – Player’s Book for Orlanthi Barbarians – Corrections

Thunder Rebels – Errata

Updated: 9 March 2002 (new errata since 25 July 2001 marked with **) Special thanks to Jonas Schiött for his assistance with errata in this and other books in the Hero Wars line.

See also the Hero Wars to HeroQuest conversion notes.

Throughout the bookOrlanth and Ernalda often substitute for the deities of their subcults in Orlanthi society. Thus, whether one says “Orlanth the Chieftain” or “Dar the Chieftain,” all Heortlings will know what (and who) you are talking about.
Throughout the write-ups of Ernalda and OrlanthIn all secrets that act as an integrated spirit, the secret provides a bonus equal to 1/4 the secret’s ability rating (not target number) to abilities used in the appropriate circumstance.
Page 1We offer our sincere apologies to David Dunham, whose name is listed incorrectly as Dave Dunham.
Page 4We offer up our sincere apologies to GTA initiate Bryan Feir, whose name we misspelled in Thunder Rebels. Bad Stephen, no cookie.
Page 7The product number of Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars is ISS 1102, not ISS 102.
Page 202nd paragraph: Remove “, except in cases of marriage breach” from the end of the 2nd sentence. Even in cases of marriage breach, both the bride and groom are entitled by law to return with their dowry and brideprice, as long as they have followed the laws and traditions in declaring their divorce.
**Page 31On the map, the labels for the Creek and the Stream have been switched.
Thanks to Jamie MacLaren for spotting this.
Page 42Body Fines, third bullet point, should read: “… then fifty cows be the price, or five hands of seasons outlawry, or both; if he be maimed, then five hands of cows …”
Page 45The last sentence on the page should read, in part, “…since any fighting between relatives is kinstrife.”
Page 50First sentence of last paragraph on page should read, in part, “West of the Quivin Hills …”
Page 52Third sentence of third complete paragraph on page should read, in part, “West of the Fields is the Beast Valley …”
Page 64The page reference at the end of Special Sacrifices should read “(see pg. 65).”
Page 69The second example (under Devotees) is not complete, because Rurik is a devotee of Destor but remains only an initiate of Daylanus. Replace with the following:

“After several years of dedication and service, Rurik becomes a devotee. He transfers his entire ability rating from Initiate of Destor Adventurous into the new relationship Devotee of Destor Adventurous. He can now learn the specific feats of his Combat, Movement, and Wind affinities. He remains an initiate of Daylanus and of Orlanth Thunderous, and continues to use the Fight Elements and Storm affinities with an improvisational modifier. Because he has the Wind affinity as a devotee of Destor, he can learn and use any of the Wind feats available to the Orlanth Thunderous aspect without an improvisational modifier.

Because he is a devotee of a subcult of one aspect and an initiate of a subcult of a different aspect, he must spend 80% of his time in worship of Orlanth, Destor, and Daylanus. Since Rurik is a weaponthane this is not a problem, becuase he receives full support from his clan as a member of his chieftain’s household.”
Page 92Caption: Kallyr does in fact worship Orlanth the King, also known as the subcult of Dar the King.
Page 98Wyter Abilities, 2nd paragraph, change “Community Defense ability” to “Defense ability”
Page 102Your Wyter: The ability ratings provided in the example do not match the information provided on page 101 to determine wyter ability ratings. More information was originally provided, but ended up being cut due to a lack of space. If “Your Clan” has the population indicated on page 29 (600 adults, including those old or otherwise unfit for the fyrd, the example wyter should have ability ratings of 10W2 in all three of its special abilities.
Pages 104-116Thanks to Nick Brooke for pointing out that the runes used to represent the phases of the Moon are incorrect in the calendar key and all six calendars. The runes listed for each crescent moon and half moon should be reversed. Thus, the crescent on the Crescent Go rune should be on the left side of the rune, not the right, and similarly for the Full Half Moon. The Crescent Come and Empty Half Moons have the lighter crescent or half on the right, not the left.
Page 131In case it is not clear, the Mobility Rune in the Forest of the Winds shows the approximate place where worshippers enter the Storm Realm on holy days.
Page 1352nd complete paragraph, change “Empty Mountain” to “Doktados Mountain”
Page 155Cultural Keywords: Any relationship “to Family” is, of course, to the Heortling’s Bloodline, which is his extended family.
Page 155: Male HeortlingPhysical Abilities should read “Close Combat (Spear and Shield Fighting), Farming, Mass Combat (Fyrd Combat), Ranged Combat (Javelin), Running, Walk with Snowshoes.”
Page 155: Female HeortlingPhysical Abilities: Add Walk with Snowshoes.
Page 162Under Farmer, the default subcult should be Durev, not Orlanthcarl.
Page 162Under Fisher, add Pelaskos under Unusual Magic.
**Page 163Under Gardener, replace Overdruva with Orane as the default subcult.
Page 164Under Herder, the default subcult should be Durev, not Orolmarn.
Page 167Under Steadwife, add “Unusual Magic: Nandan, Redalda.”
Page 168Warrior: under Unusual Magic add Lhankor Mhy and Valind.
Page 171Priest or Priestess, entry requirements should read in part, “most temples require a minimum 10W ability rating in a primary cult ability or affinity …”
Pages 193-198In the keywords for Belveren, Bevara, Jera, Orventili, and Votenevra, the Heal People and Heal Relationships Feats should have the Harmony Rune , not the Allmother Rune .
Page 197: Orventili the Peacemaker keywordAdd: “Physical Abilities: Make Basket.”
Page 204Esra’s Bless Barley Field secret should be renamed Bless Barley Field ritual.
Page 204Uralda’s Bless Cattle Herd secret should be renamed Bless Cattle Herd ritual.
Page 207Aspects: Great Orlanth is manifest (for most Heortlings) in three primary aspects, not four.
Page 223In the Wind affinity of the Destor keyword, replace Summon Umbroli with Command Umbroli.
Page 230Initiate and Devotee Membership: First sentence should read, in part, “Initiates of Orlanth Allfather most often worship Durev the Householder.”
Page 231Andrin the Lawspeaker: The Speak Heort’s Law secret should refer to the Clan Law affinity, not Heortling law affinity.”
Page 239Remove “(Default Subcult)” from the Daylanus the Conquering Wind heading.
Page 247Manmolaning Tactics, fifth sentence should read, in part, “suffers a -3 modifier…”
Page 248Remove the second Alynx entry under the Index of Illustrations.
Page 250The page references for Divination should be 74, 192, 212-215.
Page 252The page references for Odal Property should be 23, 28.
Page 253The page references for Seven Storms should be 27, 241.
Page 254The page references for Tribute Day should be 89, 113, 214.
Page 249-254Add the following entries to the Index:
Aletha Flower . . . . .9
Ernalda’s Eyes . . . . 193, 202
Undying Fire . . . . 193

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