Empires Rising (2012)

An HQ2 supplement by Nathan Baron

About the book

Set in the fantasy world of Athennia, “Empires Rising” is a setting about two new empires: the Commonwealth of Atalansia and the Grydorlan Empire. Both are beginning to take root and expand, and making a mad grab for
territory, consuming smaller nations within reach and waging war on their neighbours. In the middle, a group of terrified nations have decided to band together to form The Alliance, a loose confederacy whose sole aim is to make a stand against the ambitions of these two empires.

What this book contains

Heroes of Empires Rising
Complete guidelines for character generation using the HeroQuest rules. This chapter details the racial and professional keywords that players may choose for their Heroes.

The Faiths of Athennia
A run down of the major religions of the setting, with Religious Keywords and associated magical abilities detailed. 

Of the Divine and Sorcerous
Magic Frame works for Battle Magic, Divine Magic and Sorcery.

The stage on which the Drama unfolds
The Athennian Gazetteer which details the countries that make up the three main factions and those that are nonaligned.

Those who would Oppose you
A selection of characters from each of the three factions, to use as rivals in your games.

Terrors of Atlansia
A brief but complete bestiary of creatures.

The capital city of the Alliance detailed for use as a base for your player heroes.

Four Scenarios
“Empires Rising” is a campaign guide, and can be used as a sandbox setting in which you to play out your own stories. The scenarios detailed in this book are examples of such stories, and can be used as a starting point for your very own story arcs. The scenarios as they appear are also designed as an introduction to the setting.

The four scenarios are:

  • The King Thief
  • Curse of the Necromancer
  • Pirates of the Black Isles
  • Winter’s Song

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