Questlines 1 (1996)

Reaching Moon Megacorp RMM106

Fundraiser for RQ Con Down Under, Melbourne January 19-21, 1996

Also a White US Reprint version


  • Edict
    • RQ CON Down Under? What’s that?
  • Gloranthan Genesis
    • Greg Stafford reveals the dreadful truth
  • Four Answers
    • Riddles and magic from Penny Love
  • The Cult of Trickster
    • The long awaited Chaosium cult write-up
  • Trickster and HooJar
    • Sandy Petersen recounts a Doraddi tale
  • How Vinga Joined Orlanth’s Household
    • A Ralios myth from David Dunham
  • The Cult of Hunter
    • Chaosium’s hunting cults of Glorantha
  • The Tribes and Population of Sartar
    • David Hall delivers, plus maps!
  • Arkat &: Aeol: A Henotheist Murder Mystery
    • Was Nysalor murdered? The game’s afoot!
  • Frog Boy
    • Original fiction from Greg Stafford
  • Home of the Bold
    • Kevin Jacklin explains the how and why
  • King of Sartar
    • Oliver Dickinson reviews the documents


  • Maximum Game Fun
    • MOB introduces the MGF Factor
  • The Red Dragoons
    • David Hall fills in the detail
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and LURVE the Crimson Greg
    • Peter Metca/le dissects till! sources
  • Campaign Myth-Management
    • John Hughes takes a closer look


A Far Point campaign base from John Hughes & Michael Raaterova

  • TarosKarla
    • A Far Point founding myth
  • Spirits of the Far Place
    • Introducing The EIder Tribes
  • A Far Point Stead Calendar
    • Harvest, herding and hunting
  • A Far Point Chronology
    • From Sunrise to Starbrow
  • Rituals of the Far Place
    • Orlanthi rituals to spice up play
  • Exile 1614
    • A Fragment of Memory
  • Tribes of the Alda-Churi
    • The Land and its History
  • A Visitor from Prax
    • Jaxarte’s Holiday Postcard
  • Bluefoot Orlanthi
    • A Look at the Tovtaros Tribe
  • Glorathan Sources
    • Andrew Bean tells you where to go next

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