Dragon Pass Comparative Area


One more post to get things into perspective – all of Dragon Pass (Sartar, Tarsh, Grazelands, and the rest) is roughly comparable in size to Bavaria, Andalusia, or the entire island of Ireland. Sartar is compable in the size to the current republic of North Macedonia or Albania.

This is not a stupidly (arguably absurdly) big region like Westeros – Dragon Pass is the crossroads between Peloria, Prax, and the Holy Country. Part of it is subject to the Lunar Empire, part of it is Free Sartar. When it is unified (the First and Second Ages, or under the leadership of the Sartar Dynasty) it has great influence on the surrounding lands. When it is not, it is the battlefield for those lands.

In all of Dragon Pass there are about 882,000 intelligent beings, giving it a population density of about 13 people per square mile. That’s less than the population density of Utah or Kansas.