Boldhome is a diverse and cosmopolitan city, far more than most Gloranthan settlements. There are young, unmarried warriors from the Adventurous cult, caravanners and merchants from all over, veteran Humakti warriors, Earth women with their snakes, tattooed Thunderers, Sun Dome pike men, Axe Maidens, dancing Earth Shakers, Seven Mothers mystics, hazia fiends, and poets, Eurmali clown societies, Healers of the White Lady, bearded scribes, devotees of Love, Storm Bull cultists ranting about the White Bull, potters and red-smiths with their kilns, cattle women and Animal Nomads, mounted Pure Horse People, the occasional elf or troll, and even dragonewts. There’s a cacophony of music, song, shouts, and tongues – Tradetalk as nearly as common as Sartarite, and Esrolian, Praxian, and New Pelorian can almost always be heard. There are dancers, sights, and smells; spices from the Holy Country and beyond, braying Praxian beasts, incense and hazia, wine, and grilled meat.