Guidelines for Product Pages

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CHA4002 Balastor’s Barracks (1978, 2015)

HTML product link picture (if available, note that this is custom generated by our commerce app) Single column is 700×900. Note that two column Hardcover and Leatherette dimensions are 350×500 eg

Otherwise add 700x900px cover. If a box add box cover, add individual covers as noted below.

Caption with edition and date if appropriate.

Add the text from the back of the publication (if available) or simple description. Simple description eg

The Old School RQ Source Pack – consists of four of the earliest RQ1/RQ2 supplements published. It also includes The Sea Cave, an unpublished Gloranthan scenario written by Greg Stafford back in the same era. Each is 24 pages in length with a color cardstock cover. Published as part of the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter.

then separator

Details (H3 Heading)

Copy credits page, use list format, remove other formatting.

Add isbn if missing.

Add any other relevant details eg

  • Referee’s Handbook
  • Encounter Book
  • Scenario 1: Scouting the Land
  • Scenario 2: Outlaw Hunt
  • Scenario 3: Jezra’s Rescue
  • Scenario 4: Revenge of Muriah
  • Scenario 5: Five Eyes Temple
  • Scenario 6: Condor Crags
  • Scenario 7: To Giantland!

Original Credits:

  • Borderlands Concept: Greg Stafford Project Coordinator: Steve Perrin
  • Additional Material: John E. Boyle, Yurek Chodak, Tony Fiorito, Lisa Free, Mark Harmon, Reid Hoffman, Janet Kirby, Rudy Kraft, Charlie Krank, Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Ken Rolston, Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis, Elizabeth Wolcott.
  • Proofreading: Reid Hoffman & Harold Moe
  • Illustrations: Lisa Free
  • Prax Map: William Church Other Maps: Yurek Chodak.

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Sue O’Brien
  • Graphic Design by Rick Meints
  • Layout by James Sutton

  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-516-8
  • Size
  • Pages
  • Cost
  • etc

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Editions (H3 Heading)

copy the table below (in edit mode as it doesn’t copy the colour) otherwise the table colour is #e7f5fe


CHA4015-XBorderlands1982boxed set.
CHA4015-SBorderlands20182nd edition Classic Softcover.
CHA4015-PDFBorderlands20182nd edition Classic PDF.
CHA4015-S-PODBorderlands20182nd edition Classic Softcover, Print on Demand (POD).

Products should be identified by SKU.

then an optional section, for products that have a more complex publishing history

AH85712Apple Lane1987Avalon HillFor RQ3
noneReturn to Apple Lane2009Moon DesignApple Lane only
ISS2003Sartar Companion2010Moon DesignReturn to Apple Lane, updated for 1618 for HQ2
CHA4029Gamemaster Screen Pack2019ChaosiumApple Lane adventure only, updated for 1625 for RQG
CHA4035RuneQuest Starter Set2021ChaosiumRainbow Mounds adventure only, updated for 1625 for RQG

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Editions & Related Editions


then separator for optional contents section

if not as a separate child-page – optional ToC if small using list and indent for subsections, use three columns to shorten page length were appropriate eg:

Contents (H3 Heading)

  • Introduction
    • About this Book
    • Gloranthan Calendar

then Gallery images for box contents, or different editions if appropriate

then Child pages block

Notes for the above

If not on main page, each product should have a copy of its ToC on a subpage with small cover picture

Each product should have a copy of its index on a subpage with small cover picture (where appropriate)

Each product should have a corrections subpage (where appropriate)

Boxed sets / Slipcases

There should be a list of items in the box

Wayne’s books is the standard for the contents of boxes:


List of relevant articles with author as ToC (see above)

Cover Guidelines

ideally 700×900, original colour, centred, captioned.


Publication date(s), Rule version abbreviated per RPG Systems & Versions

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