Non-Chaotic cults & Primal Chaos


What cults would have a less antagonistic view of chaos (particularly seeing it as simply a part of the greater world at large rather than something ‘evil’ or inherently ‘wrong?’)

Let’s put aside cults with the Chaos Rune (Red Goddess, Nysalor, Thed, Vivamort, Crimson Bat, etc.) or weird specific Chaotic cult specific associations (like Thed and Daka Fal) and just look at non-Chaotic cults that are Friend towards Primal Chaos:

  • Hon-eel
  • Hwarin Dalthippa
  • Yara Aranis

OK, that’s a short list.

How about non-Chaotic cults that are Neutral towards Primal Chaos:

  • Black Fang
  • Etyries
  • Gorgorma
  • Humakt
  • Ourania

Another short (but interesting) list.