GW004616 RuneQuest (1987)

RuneQuest, Third edition Volume 1

Now in hardback book format – RuneQuest Fantasy Basic Roleplaying Adventure – of the world’s most acclaimed roleplaying games. Based on Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying system, Games Workshop presents an up-to-date version of this realistic, detailed and sophisticated game.

This is the game which brought percentage-based skills systems to the forefront, allowing characters to develop unique patterns of skills and expertise. Each Runequest adventurer belongs to a definite culture, and learns the crafts, trades and skills of his forefathers. Each goes on to develop greater talents – including the riches of magic – as they explore an ancient world of dark adventure.

This book contains eight main sections:

  • Introduction – in which the basic rules of roleplaying are explained
  • Creating An Adventurer in which the system for creating the heroes you will play is detailed.
  • Game System – a guide to the rules for playing the game, which provide its sophisticated pattern of play.
  • Combat – the rules for handling combat man-to-man – or man-to-beast!
  • Skills – details of the varying skills and abilities each unique character may learn
  • The World – rules for developing the realism of the world around you
  • Creatures – varied and exciting creatures, with detailed descriptions and complete stats
  • Magic – the three forms of magic that bring the fantastic into reality.


  • AUTHORS: Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis, Sandy Petersen, Steve Henderson, Warren James
  • EDITORS: Charlie Krank, Yurek Chodak, Sherman Kahn
  • COVER ART: Angus Fieldhouse
  • INTERNAL ART: Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, Nick Bibby, John Blanche, Colin Dixon, Angus Fieldhouse, Jes Goodwin, lan Miller


  • Managing Director: Bryan AnseIl;
  • Studio Manager: Richard EIlard;
  • Production Manager: Alan Merrett;
  • Projects Manager: Paul Cockburn;
  • Development Manager: Jervis Johnson;
  • Art Manager: John Blanche;
  • Graphic Design: Charles EIliott;
  • Visualiser: Mark Craven;
  • Designers/Developers: Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Phil GaIlagher, Marc Gascoigne, Rick Priestley;
  • Artists: Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, Colin Dixon;
  • Typesetting: Julie Weaving, Gail Morgan;
  • Finished Artists: Ruth Jeffery, Susan McLoughlin, David Oliver, Joanne Podoski, lan Varley, Richard Wright;
  • Invaluable Support: Sue Smith.

A Chaosium Game

Published by Games Workshop Ltd. under exclusive license from The Avalon Hill Game Company

Copyright © 1978. 1979. 1980. 1984. 1987 by Chaosium Inc All rights reserved

RuneQuest IS the Avalon Hill Game Company’s trademark for its fantasy roleplaying game.

  • Cover art is copyright © 1987 Angus Fieldhouse
  • Internal illustrations are copyright © 1987 Nick Bibby. John Blanche. Angus Fieldhouse. Jes Goodwin, lan Miller and Games Workshop Ltd.
  • Printed in the United Kingdom.
  • Product Code: 004616
  • ISBN:
  • (Licenced Edition of Avalon Hill’s ISBN: )
  • Games Workshop, Chewton Street. Hill Top. Eastwood, Nottingham, NGI6 3HY.

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