Black Sun (1984-1985)

The Black Sun, or sometimes just Black Sun, was an irreverent short magazine included with White Dwarf mail-order subscriptions for two short periods in the 1980s.

The Black Sun‘s contents blended humour with reviews and gaming news. Since it predated the merger of Citadel and Games Workshop, it focused mainly on imported RPGs and is of less interest in the history of WFB and WFRP. At least eight issues were published in this series.

For further information see:

  • Black Sun 3 (1984). How Gabran No-Breeches discovered the intricacies of Storm-Bull philosophy, and why the only good Broo is a Quick Broo!
  • Black Sun 6 (1984). RuneQuest III: I ain’t afraid of no goats’. Product review.

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