CHA3001-D Dragon Pass Conventions for Perilous Encounters (1978)

Dragon Pass Conventions for Perilous Encounters was a Perilous Encounters Free supplement

Perilous Encounters is a beginner’s set of rules, presented for those persons who are attracted to the field but too unfamiliar with it to feel comfortable with the intricacies of more ‘realistic’ rules.”

“Additionally, Perilous Encounters provides the experienced wargamer with a fast-moving set of rules for those situations where he would rather sit down and play a game of miniatures rather than having to work so hard at it.”

“Also, lords and castle-owners in role-playing campaign games will find these rules especially adaptable to their games. You can use Perilous Encounters for those situations when you are tired of sending out puny expeditions and decide to amass your mobs and hordes for a major invasion.”

44 page soft cover rule book with 3 pages of pullout reference sheets and templates.

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