Book of Drastic Resolutions – Volume Prax (1997)

Stephen Martin 129 pages

The author describes the second issue of his zine as a “supplement to Tales #14 & #15”, and you’ll need copies as there are constant references to them (the Praxian specials) throughout. The 100 page issue features quite a bit of material culled from earlier publications including RQ2’s Plunder, Big Rubble, Pavis: Threshold to Danger, Borderlands, Cults of Prax and Nomad Gods, and it’s great to have all this in one cover. If you haven’t got these long out-print publications, Drastic – Prax is an absolute must. The zine is graced with a fine colour cover by Simon Bray and has a much improved order of presentation, layout and artwork, though, as with the first issue, much of the material therein has been written or reworked and then edited by the same hand (a consequence of Drastic being essentially a one-man band I guess).  MOB

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